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Gammes en May 2014
Aromas : fruity, spicy
Taste : light, crispy

Food matching : aperitif, pork meats, mixed grill

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  Thierry Michon, Le Militant de L'Ile d'Olonne
  S'il est un vin des Fiefs Vendéens sur la carte des grands restaurants étoilés de France et d'ailleurs, ce sera celui de Thierry Michon.
  Le Vin Ligérien (22/09/2015)
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Medal Winners of the Concours National des Vins Issis de Raisins de l’Agriculture Biologique
Recommended in the Guide des Sommeliers & Guide des Vins Biologiques
Over half a century of winemaking as the estate has passed from father to son.
.It was in 1960 that Patrice Michon settled in Brem-Sur-Mer, inheriting several acres of vines belonging to his father. Slowly but surely he bough more vines to increase the value of his wine heritage which is now over 40 ha.

In 1970 he moved to Ile d’Olonne and built a modern winery along with modern wine-making facilities. He was joined in 1984 by his two sons Thierry and Eric who have broken with wine-making tradition in Vendée and making their mark with these very special wines of Domaine Saint Nicolas.

To be consumed in moderation. Alchohol abuse is dangerous for your health.